Wednesday, August 17, 2011

An Open Letter to Every One Who is Opposing Janlokpal Bill and Anna Hazare.....................

Today in India many educated Indian citizens are opposing the Janlokpal Bill?

Do you know How India got the right to information act?

Anna Hazare gave us Indians the right to information Act.

Today why Ministers are in Jail?

Not because government wanted or police wanted only when Supreme Court showed anger everyone started to work?

Why we do not have the right to know the names of Black Money owners?

Few people say that Prime Minister should not come under Lokpal?

Why not?
Can you guarantee that we will never get the bad and corrupt prime minister of India?

Do you know Directive Principals of Indian Constitution?

Those are supposed to be laws of India not just guidelines?

Do you know Supreme Court of India ordered Police Reform?
If yes then do you know which political party or government implemented it?

Do you know many countries got Prime Minister under Lokpal?

Do you know Prime Minister comes under the prevention of Corruption Act and income tax law?

Do you know as per Indian Constitution we got equality before the law?

Do you know Janlokpal Bill or did you read it?
An ordinary citizen can also demand the removal of Lokpal.

Few People say we got already laws so we do not need them?
Just think why they are not implemented?

Reason is simple uncontrolled powers enjoyed by Politicians.

Do you know if any person files a wrong case he will get fined or jailed?

Lokpal will be team of 11 members.

Now Please tell me what is wrong in Janlokpal Bill?

Read, Understand and then talk.

About which Parliament you are talking?

The parliament in which criminals are sitting?

Why politicians do not make laws which will ban them from contesting elections.

Why there is delay in every case?

The reason is simple Read and Understand the Legal History of India.

British made the laws to benefit the British queen and British people.

British left India They passed the law Transfer of Power then we got Independence.

After that the ruler got changed but our system remained same benefiting the rulers.

What British People did not do it our own Indians did it?

Just compare how much British Looted and How much our Indians looted in 64 Year?

India got robbed more than British rule in its own Indian rule.

What is wrong in demanding good and strict laws?

Do you remember Gandhi and Dr. Babasaheb Pact?

Our system of laws is making every Indian Corrupt we are not corrupt.

Thus the time has come to change the system and bring good laws, strict laws and accountability on politicians, retirement age for politicians, negative voting, police reforms and many more

As in Last 64 Years we got nothing.

What ever India got it happened because of Supreme Court of India or the people like Anna Hazare fought with government.

Do not be a slave of political Machinery
Learn to think and ask WHY corruption is rising?

Don’t you feel ashamed that our India ranks higher in corruption Index?
Do you know any person in India who has not paid the bribe?

Even giving the pack of sweets to government officer is a bribe.

Just open your eyes and understand the situation

If Janlokpal Bill is passed by government it will reduce the corruption more than 70% in few years.

If government lokpal Bill is passed remember corruption will increase it wont get decrease. Not single percent will get reduced.

Support Janlokpal Bill