Thursday, September 29, 2011

Try...Losing Track..... Try..

Try it. I never thought it'd be fun, but seriously, try it.

Try forgetting about passing time. Try not looking at the clock for one day. It's such an ingrained habit now. How many minutes till I've to get up? Snooze, snooze again. 5 more minutes? How much time do I have before my van comes? Is it time for class now? Dude, tell me the time. How long till this period is over? How long till school ends?! 10 minutes, 15 minutes. An hour, two hours. You're counting.

When will I get home? I don't have enough time to sleep. Only half an hour for tv? Give me ten minutes, I need a quick shower. We can't be out for too long, I've to come back and study. We've been out for hours, let's go back already. Oh my God, how am I gonna study in such less time? Oh my God its midnight already. Still got so much to do. 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 3 hours. You're still counting.

Last night, I sat in the garden with my parents. It was light's out, all over the neighbourhood. Pitch black everywhere. The only thing visible was a lone star, and the moon's reflection on my father's face. My mother shifted in her chair and her shadow was opaque. She looked up, and I looked up, and dad looked up. Everything was silent, but not the uncomfortable silence. The beautiful one.

Last night, I lost track of time. I couldn't remember what day it was, what month. I even forgot the year. I had stuff to do. But I was sitting there, listening to my dad tell a funny story, listen to mom laugh. And there was moonlight and the sound of crickets and the smell of flowers in the air, and I didn't care about anything else.

Last night, I couldn't remember the passing hours. I wasn't counting the seconds till something began or something ended. It's a be there thing. You've to be there, to really feel it.

Try it, losing track of time. Try, for one day, not knowing the exact second, and how many have passed by. They become sweeter than you think.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

lets fly...... ???!!!.....


I know I don’t really know you, and you don’t know me. I understand that on the basis of connection that we have we can only call each other acquaintances. And whatever we share is something that we can easily share with any other complete stranger, without the fear of being judged, because we fear that we might end up judging each other if we shared our minds.

I know who you are on the surface, but I don’t know what is your greatest fear, what is your biggest wish, what do you dream about when you are asleep, who is the first person you think of when you wake up, who is the last person on your mind before you drift into your sleep, what are your plans, where do you see yourself in next 5 years, your favorite color, do you like chocolates too? Which flavor of ice cream do you order for yourself?

And then I realize that apart from your name and a few flimsy details, I know nothing about you at all. And I am not making any efforts to move ahead, nor I ever will, maybe I could have another friend, since all those that I have/had are busy with their own lives, so I need someone who is as free as I am.

Would you like to be?

I doubt that!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Life And After

Iv been toying with this idea for long now…. A lotta ppl actually speak of this whole white bright light coming out of an unknown source luring them into the unforeseen. What could this light be..? a misconception or just another heavenly call saying your duties on my planet are over.?!
Life after death seems a sure mystery to one too many on this planet dat I so lovingly call EARTH.. many proclaim it to be round and spherical oblate and stuff. But I guess the world comes around to exactly the same point where it all started… a sphere or a square… all the diagonals seem to kinda ring concurrency to a point of illogical coincidence…. The SAME.!!
We talk about the life now and the life after death.. heaven and hell to be precise.. but temme one thing.. don’t u find it really intriguing to wonder if uv actually got heaven and hell on this sweet lil planet of ours…?
This brings us to another point of debate which id love to call perception.! A white light, d human way of life, a square, a spherical oblate.. all of this does lead to sumthin as imaginary as the equator or the wind or god for that matter. It’s the same side of the coin that u actually believe exists…. U cant feel it… but u know its there.
I aint creatin a blog for blasphemy here. All m tryin to put across is imagination is a canvas for vivid portrayal of the human emotions, but how many of us actually look up2 wot is true and wot Is not? Seems really nonsensical… if there is a word like that.
But again when we actually get our cerebrum to think about the life after death, one mite wonder where did the whole law of energy not being destroyed go for hitchhiking.?!
Standin unto the law of physics wouldn’t seem like a lack of brilliance or an absence of vaccum for me.! Coz for millions of years people think that Death seems to end the very purpose of existence of a human life. Wot if there was another side to it..? a Brighter side. I aint preaching the positives of death here . Just tryin to view this as another one of those idiotic perceptions I guess.. heheheh.
Wot if Death was just another form of life.?!
Wot if Death was one thing that transformed the whole view of life.?!
And finally to the million DOLLAR question.. wot if AFTERLIFE was just another journey into the unknown.?!
So finally it comes down to this… Wot could afterlife probably unravel!?
A Life of unforeseen activities kinda brings us humans to this crossroad which goes to sumplace better. Its always been within humans to look up2 sumthing dat was way better than the state they are in now. Like wise men say “ Its human to want more” and so true .
Well how much would life baffle u if it speaks back to you and says. Uv lived me, now what if I live u.?! The “it” I was referring to earlier is “LIFE”. Would you give it a chance.?!
How does it sound when sumbody would actually tell u , the life u r living is jus a form of energy and nothing else.. Its like you are in transit.. U got a Visa… but u aint havin a residential one. You can walk rite thru it but cannot live it to your will.?!
An Energy say sum cannot be destroyed but can only be transformed from one form to another.?
True.?! Probably…. Or Probably not.!..
Id second the first one nevertheless, coz u always kinda keep upgrading to what you have been in this very second.! Looking up sounds like philosophy.!?
Think bout living your life in a cycle which is the exact reverse of what you have been taught life is all about.?! Tracing back ur life rite from when uv been In your times ppl call “ Childhood revamped” to your actual “Childhood” , id say nebody wishes to live two years in the past from now.! Did the feel of Energy being dissipated ever strike you… the normal way.?!
Whims of a mind travellin fathoms in the night say some.
Brightness of the day say many so done.
Wouldn’t stop the humans so Grand
This is life and afterlife thus so Bland.!
As I would see it, the law signifyin ” Energy cannot be destroyed. It can Jus be transformed from one form to another” stays strong. We Come into the world in one particularly distinct form, we live our lives out as another particular form, we cease to exist in another and v leave this abode in search of a better craft in yet another form. Thus our existence , has always been a source of inspiration to other forms of energy, be it human, animal or any other entity for that matter.! Thus Live it Up. Every Atom speaks a million words. Alive or Quasi-Alive or in another world.!
A small little ball of energy which goes all the way from rite when u were born till when u cease to exist to when ur in a totally different world.! This is the Life and the Eternal life that I would be drafting for me.! Any Takers.?!